The leading anti-fraud platform that protects mobile transactions

Secure-D detects and blocks even the most sophisticated types of mobile ad fraud securing mobile users and safeguarding mobile operators

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Daily Statistics

16000 Mobile Transactions Processed
8400 Infected Devices Identified
150 Malicious Apps Blocked
A Pandemic On Mobile
Mobile Ad Fraud 2021 Report
The new in-depth report by Secure-D examines how mobile ad fraud has advanced since the pandemic and how this affects operators, end-users, and everyone in between in the most hard-hit developing markets.
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Real time fraud prevention and post activation validation powered by cutting edge technologies


Our advanced machine learning algorithms determine which transactions are most likely to be fraudulent, while significantly reducing false positives

Fraud detection accuracy99.9%


Automated discovery and analysis of user behavior to spot and block anomalies or unwanted transaction patterns

Behavioral patterns analyzed1500/sec


Real-time malware recognition via our unique infection detection technology that deep dives into the infected device

Infected devices identified1.4/sec


Advanced payment processing workflow that ensures no user is charged until the subscription is certified

Subcriptions certified134k/sec

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One answer to Fraud

Deep dive into the problem. Get a full view of the fraud drivers. Make the right decisions in real-time.

On-device protection & removal

A malware protection Android app that provides an extra layer of security for your subscribers.

  • Malware Scanning

    Malware Scanning

    Scan user's device against an extensive list of installed Android malware applications

  • Malware Removal

    Malware Removal

    Simple and effective malware clean-up for ongoing protection

  • User Notifications

    User Notifications

    Alerts subscribers the moment malware is detected on their device

We are trusted by 35 operators in 23 countries


Always ahead of the competition thanks to hassle free integration, granular security level calibration and world class reporting


Spectacular performance and unbeatable ad fraud blocking rates in 20 countries


Our dedicated team of anti-fraud experts is our most important asset in the battle against mobile ad fraud

Secure-D in 2020

1bnMobile Transactions Processed
17.8mInfected Devices Identified
45kMalicious Apps Blocked

Malware Spotlight

Our R&D team uncovers new threats affecting millions of users

Video Editor


A popular video editing app that initiates premium subscription attempts, delivering invisible ads to users while avoiding detection.

Markets affected 19
Fraudulent transactions 20m
Malware infected devices 1m
Fraudulent charges prevented $27m
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Malware Downloader


A persistent malware found pre-installed on low-end devices, installing a 2nd malware capable of click & subscription fraud once connected to the internet.

Markets affected 19
Fraudulent transactions 19.2m
Malware infected devices 200k
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A keyboard app hides fraudulent components that spoof information based on externally retrieved commands & commit ad fraud.

Markets affected 13
Fraudulent transactions 14m
Malware infected devices 110k
Fraudulent charges prevented $18m
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Video Downloader


A video app for Android delivers millions of invisible ads & generates fake clicks leading to unwanted subscriptions to digital services.

Markets affected 5
Fraudulent transactions 70m
Malware infected devices 4.4m
Fraudulent charges prevented $91m
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New IT Solutions


A top-rated Android app that delivers invisible ads to the device & generates fake clicks & subscriptions.

Markets affected 17
Fraudulent transactions 114m
Malware infected devices 2m
Fraudulent charges prevented $150m
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Video Downloader


A popular Android app that generates fake clicks & installs other suspicious apps without users’ consent.

Markets affected 15
Data consumed/month 3GB
Malware infected devices 4.8m
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A suspicious app found pre‑installed on Alcatel Android smartphones attempting ad fraud and misusing personal information.

Markets affected 7
Data consumed/month 1.5GB
Fraudulent transactions 27m
Fraudulent charges prevented $1.5m
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Software Update


Advanced malicious software that comes pre‑installed on newly purchased low‑end smartphones.

Markets affected 8
Fraudulent transactions 2.6m
Malware infected devices 574k
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Never miss a threat
Secure-D Index reports top malicious Android apps identified & blocked worldwide by our leading anti-fraud platform. Browse, filter and search thousands of apps for free.

Case Study

Protecting mobile subscribers in Africa

Secure-D has successfully launched its anti-fraud solution in partnership with one of the largest mobile operators in South Africa.

1.73mInfected users identified
>1mTransactions processed/day
94%Ad fraud blocking rate
1000Services onboarded
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We protect against online transaction fraud

No more ad spending wasted on bots. We detect infected devices and give you all the data to avoid extra charges.

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We protect against data depletion

No more rapid data depletion due to malicious background downloads.

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Simple Pricing

Our pricing models to meet your needs, whether you are a Content provider, an Aggregator or a Mobile network operator

Content Providers

€2,500Monthly feeBook A demo

Up to 20,000 successful transactions
€0.115 for every extra transaction


€5,000Monthly feeBook A demo

Up to 50,000 successful transactions
€0.090 for every extra transaction

Mobile Network Operators

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