Case study

Protecting mobile subscribers in Africa

Secure-D has successfully launched its anti-fraud solution in partnership with one of the largest mobile operators in South Africa.

1.73mInfected users identified
>1mTransactions processed/day
94%Ad fraud blocking rate
1000Services onboarded
A Pandemic On Mobile
Mobile Ad Fraud 2021 Report
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The challenge

One of the largest operators in South Africa, with over 30 million mobile subscribers and part of a leading Telco Group that operates in 22 countries, started experiencing complaints from their customers about unauthorized subscriptions to digital services.

Fraudulent charges and data depletion complaints

Fraudulent subscriptions to premium digital services, without having users’ consent led to huge charges for their prepaid airtime. The situation was getting worse day by day as mobile users’ data were gone before they had even the chance to use them.

The frustration and the number of complaints on social media and call center were climbing high resulting to hurt MNO’s brand credibility, customer loyalty and growth of revenue.

Τhe hidden threat of mobile malware

The main cause of fraudulent charges and data depletion is mobile malware, that is incentivized to commit ad fraud.

The solution

Secure-D experts observed a high concentration of fraudulent attempts coming from suspicious apps and numerous resubscription attempts that was a clear indication of malware.

We provided the client with a unique solution using cutting edge fraud detection technology enabling real time fraud prevention and post activation validation securing mobile transactions with an unparalleled accuracy.

Our proprietary algorithm analyzed user behavior to identify and block unwanted transaction patterns. Therefore, the algorithm was able to detect infected MSISDNs and block malware with similar suspicious behavior and prevent fraud in real time.

In addition, Secure-D used a clearing process that ensures no user is charged until the validity of subscription is certified. As a result, client had 100% clean revenues, coming from only certified subscriptions.

Besides the anti-fraud technology, Secure-D provided the mobile operator with a powerful interface enabling real-time access to useful insights about infected users, top infected apps, top fraud sources and many more. The powerful interface gave to the client full transparency to the most important metrics to make the right decisions in real time.

The findings

Secure-D solution brought results that not only met but exceeded all expectations giving mobile operator the ability to protect mobile subscribers and safeguard their revenues.

Secure-D onboarded more than 1000 services and processed more than 1 million online mobile transactions every day. Our findings revealed that 94% of mobile transactions were fraudulent coming from 1.73 million malware infected devices.

1.73mInfected users identified
>1mTransactions processed/day
94%Ad fraud blocking rate
1000Services onboarded