We combat fraud.
We protect subscribers.
We safeguard mobile operators.

This is our mission. And we make it happen by processing the validity of hundreds of millions transactions everyday.

A Pandemic On Mobile
Mobile Ad Fraud 2021 Report
The new in-depth report by Secure-D examines how mobile ad fraud has advanced since the pandemic and how this affects operators, end-users, and everyone in between in the most hard-hit developing markets.
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Our Story

We experienced fraud ourselves, while processing 1.8 bn transactions per year, and understood firsthand the damage it brings on advertisers, content providers, mobile operators and end users.

We reacted fast and developed our proprietary platform using leading edge fraud detection technology that is adaptive, fast and reliable, securing mobile transactions with an unparalleled accuracy.

We are minds and makers with business sense who love data

We are a small team of data scientists with big ideas on how to fight mobile ad fraud.

With over a decade of experience, we have a clear thinking, a unique passion and industry knowledge to diagnose problems and develop solutions.

Our success is not only due to the quality of our work; it's down to our mindset, our values and the way we treat our clients.

Let's make something great together!

We create fraud-free experiences


We learn

We experience fraud every day by investigating hundreds of mobile devices and apps to detect new types of malware.


We develop

We continually enhance our machine learning algorithms to ensure fraud prevention and suspicious behavioral patterns detection in real time.


We focus

We have a 100% commitment to fighting what prevents our customers from achieving their goals.